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Bharathanatyam Dance School

Natyakshetram is a Bharathanatyam dance school that focuses on teaching the traditional Kalakshetra style of Bharathanatyam.

The progression of lessons through the years are as follows. Every student is unique so this will vary by student!

Level 1 - All adavus. These are the building blocks of Bharathanatyam and students are taught different types of steps focusing on posture and execution of these steps.

Level 2 - Once the students complete the basic adavus, they are introduced to simple combination of steps to a song during kauthuvam and more complex steps and postures during alarippu.

Level 3 - Alarippu usually marks a milestone in a students dancing journey. This is an important dance piece as the student exhibit their mastery over execution of some complex steps and postures. At level 3, the students are taught jathiswaram and thillana.

Level 4 - At level 4, the students learn more about bhava (expression) and continue to refine the technicalities of adavu execution. At this level, the students are taught a keerthanam and shabdam. The students are also trained to work on their stamina.

Level 5 - The pivotal piece of a bharathanatyam repertoire is Varnam. Varnam is a complex combination of jathis and bhavams. At this level, the students are taught varnam which completes a "margam" (a path or course). This level typically take 6 to 8 months based on the students ability.

At each of the above levels, the students are taught the theoretical aspect of Bharathanatyam such as hasta bedas (hand gestures), pada bedas (feet movement), gala bedas (neck movements), bhava, rasa, etc.

At the end of these 5 levels, based on the students perfection in execution, the students can be evaluated to see if they are ready for "arangetram". Arangetram is the students debut performance of a complete bharathanatyam margam on stage.